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I have a little secret.  I love to craft.  I loooooove to buy fabrics and notions and force them all together in lame attempts to make something that might actually turn out well.  Half of the time I end up with garbage.  Well, maybe more than half the time…

I can’t even begin to explain how many projects I have “on the go”.  Some of them go back years and I’d be better off just tossing them… yet I can’t.  I made a list a while back and for some reason instead of knocking things off of the list, I’ve just started new projects.

Project one: my baby’s birthday present.  I decided that I would avoid the toys r us aisles and make her something from my well intentioned heart… a quiet book.  I wanted something that she could fondle in the car on our trips to Grandma’s house as well as practice some skills as she gets older.  I’m happy to say I actually finished it!  So here it is, my first quiet book.  I hope she doesn’t destroy it too quickly.

The cover page:


Count the flower petals; put the butterflies in and out of the net:


Unzip the bird feeder; put the animals in and out of the zoo:


Move the monkey along the line; unbutton the flap on the owl:


Back cover:



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Enjoy every minute…

If you’re a parent, I’m sure you’ve heard this before.  “Enjoy every minute of it because it goes by so quickly”.  I in no way doubt this.  I already look at my three year old and can’t believe she was my wee little baby not long ago.  And I can’t believe that one day she will be a grown woman, hopefully with a family of her own. 

I was at a restaurant yesterday with my husband and 9 month old.  She sat in her highchair and squealed and whapped her arms as if trying to fly.  There were a couple of lovely women sitting next to us and she obviously struck a cord with them.  One of the women gushed over her and asked us if she ever cried (HA!  we both replied with “oooooh yeah!” and laughed inside at the memories of our colicky little turkey).  She looked at us and said that her children were grown up now and she still remembers them as babies, and that we were to enjoy every minute.

She’s right of course.  One day I will look back and remember all of the wonderful parts of my babies and I’m sure the sleepless nights and endless whining will seem like a small price to pay.  They ARE a small price to pay, but when you’re in the thick of it it’s hard to open up that damn wallet.  So I’m going to write a little letter to future me and hope that it helps when I’m going through baby withdrawal one day and kicking myself for not cherishing every sweet second.

Dear Me,

You are doing your best.  Don’t forget that while your baby screamed seemingly endlessly for months, you held her and rocked her and kissed her little baby forehead.  You sang her songs and tickled her toes.  You cuddled her when she was sick or sad and you played peekaboo for what seemed like hours.  You brought her into the bath with you and made sure she didn’t get soap in her eyes.  You dressed her in warm clothes and covered her in blankets in the cold.  You kissed her little baby feet and her little baby hands.  You shed tears when you thought she was in pain, you laughed when she was happy.  You thank the lord every day that you have two healthy children.  Every day.  You are blessed and even though you sometimes wanted to pull your hair out or run away, you never let them know.  Well, almost never.  You’re allowed to look forward to the future as well as live in the today.  You’re allowed to wonder what they’re going to be like when they grow up.  Are they going to be clever?  Will they be kind?  You’re allowed to look forward to a day when you can all go somewhere as a family without worrying about naps and schedules and whether or not your kids will cry or throw tantrums.

But never forget that you loved them dearly.  Never think that you didn’t savor the moments.  And don’t forget that it’s freaking hard work and for heaven’s sake don’t you eeeeven consider trying for a third!  🙂

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