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The Great Tea Debate


Move over coffee, tea is in the house! It was about a year ago that one of my friends told me that tea was going to take over. I all but laughed in her face. I imagined the tea section of my grocery store bursting with people fighting over packets of Chai Spice Somethingorother. She might as well have said “mark my words young lady…” and called us whippersnappers or something. Well, she may have been right, sort of.

I don’t think coffee has gone anywhere, but I do think tea is throwing itself into the ring full force. And it’s no longer grocery store tea. They have whole stores devoted to it! You should see the stuff they have out there now! Beautiful tins and glossy bags filled with leaves and flowers, coconut and chocolate chips, almonds and blueberries. It truly is amazing. At first I resisted her tea pushing. She mocked me openly while I clung to my Orange Pekoe and then I figured that I couldn’t fight the good fight unless I gave her side a chance. Now my pantry is stocked full of different teas. Tins and tins of different varieties, caffeine or not, sweet or spicy. All of them putting my sad little packets of tea to shame.

So here I am, a year later and I’m writing this for the sole purpose of saying, Erin, I still love Orange Pekoe the best. HAHAHAHAHAHAHA! I’ll admit your frou-frou teas make a dull afternoon more interesting, but none of them take me back to a place where my mom sat with me at the kitchen table and poured a nice cup for us and a few fresh baked cookies. But how can you compete with that? No hard feelings friend, you tried. 😉

Oh, and if anyone wants to hop on the tea train, you can check out her fabulous blog at www.erinstea.com. If anyone can convert you, she can.


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I’ve never been a full believer in the idea that owning pets is like preparing yourself for having children. When I had my first child it was a rollercoaster and I laughed at anyone who compared it to having a pet. Now that my second is nearly two, I’ve been noticing some strange things going on. Things that have made me wonder if having a pet may indeed prepare someone for children. Not all children, but at least one like mine.

And so I bring you the ways in which my toddler is like a puppy:

She pees on my floor. I try to be a caring mom, I take off her little diaper and let her roam around and get some fresh air, and what does she do to reward me? She pees. Every time. I swear there’s a little sensor built in that detects the worst possible moments to pee and then she goes for it. Like on the carpet, or the sofa, or my dry clean only duvet.

She licks my face. No lie, I was housebound with a sick toddler one day and the only thing that entertained her was trying to shove her sick fingers in my mouth and licking me. I couldn’t tell if it was hilarious or appalling but either way it was worth potentially getting sick just to keep her happy.

She bites. She can be the cutest little thing in the whole world but as soon as something rocks her world, you know, like I move an inch on the sofa or won’t give her froot loops, she lunges at me like a wild animal. She raises her little paw, errr hand, and whaps at me until she finally gets distracted by something shiny.

She eats with no hands. I will give her a lovely plate of food and what should be her favorite Dora cutlery and instead of using it she dumps it out on the mat, leans over and hoovers it up. Or she drops it on the floor and eats it later.

She goes through my garbage. My homemade mac and cheese is ghastly to her but she’s more than willing to take wrappers out of the garbage or an old banana peel out of the compost and go to town on them. At least it would be an easy and inexpensive meal for me to prepare…

She whines. Her verbal skills are still in the early development phase so to get what she wants she just points to it and whines. And whines. And whiiiiiiines.

But my favorite one of all is when I haven’t seen her for a while and as soon as I do her face lights up and she gallops towards me with her arms out and practically knocks me over. Who needs a puppy when you have that. 🙂

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