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Eleven Months



My baby is eleven months old today.  I can’t believe this is the last *month* milestone.  How can eleven months go by so quickly and slowly at the same time?!  My littlest pumpkin has been a challenging baby.  She’s demanding and loud and a little over-emotional.  But you know what’s amazing about motherhood?  I love her regardless.  I could tell you stories about the days that my husband came home to find me in tears because she had been screaming all day.  The days where my friends told me that they didn’t know how I managed.  The days where I hid under the covers on the floor while she whined around her soother.  But you know what?  Instead I’m going to focus on the positive (which is very unlike me).  This hasn’t been the dreamy babyhood that expecting mother dream of, but it’s still been amazing.  For every hard moment there is an equally sweet moment.

To anyone who is planning on having a child and worries that their child will be difficult, I have this for advice… you’ll manage.  You’ll resent anyone who has a happy child but you’ll get over it.  I truly believe we’re only given what we can handle and you may not want what you can handle, but there’s a reason for it.

One good thing about colic is that it sure has taught my three year old to be patient.  She could have easily spent the last year losing it but instead she plays with the baby and even tries to give me suggestions on making her happy (and you know, sometimes she’s right!).  I’m very lucky to have my beautiful girls and I’m even luckier that we’ve all survived these months together… one more to go… and then a lifetime.


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She slept through the night!

It’s such a weird feeling, when your baby finally sleeps through the night.  Not even a six hour stretch, but the same stretch as you!  You suddenly feel like Snow White, frolicking with tiny little birdies and singing a sweet tune.

My baby has been a bad sleeper.  She’s almost nine months old and up until the last week she’s only a handful of times given me more than two or three hours without her.  It’s been like walking around in a fog.  I’ve told myself a million times that it’ll get better but I have to say that I was really starting to question that.  I mean, it only seemed to be getting worse as time went on!

I decided that she no longer needed to nurse every couple of hours.  I also decided that after 9 months, it was my husband’s turn to go in and comfort her (which he did willingly, bless his heart).  She actually responded way better than I had expected and right away started giving longer stretches.  Then last night, a miracle happened: she slept through the night.  From 10pm until 6:30am when I went in to check on her and found her doing push ups and smiling.

I’m pretty sure I can conquer anything at this point.  I have no doubt she will regress many many times but for now I’m just going to enjoy the first full night of sleep I’ve had in a year.

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