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I admit it.  I’m guilty of a social media crime.  I’m one of those annoying moms who posts endlessly about her children.  I post pictures of them, my profile picture is often one of them, and my status updates often reflect them.  I may not be as saccharine sweet as some of the moms out there but if you are a friend of mine, it’s likely that you know more about my children than their own grandparents. 

However… in my defense, there are reasons.  They may not be the best reasons, but they’re certainly hard to argue with. 

For instance, the profile picture.  I have a million pictures stored on my hard drive but I’m sure I could count on one hand how many are of me.  My children will likely grow up thinking that daddy was there for everything and mommy was off napping or drunk somewhere.  Not true, mommy is the family photographer.  When I do have a picture of me, it’s taken by me and so close you can see every wrinkle on my face and it will not be shared with the masses.  If I do manage to get someone else to take my picture, I realize when I look at it that ever since my oldest was born I’ve aged in dog years.  Then I see a cute picture of one of my girls with the perfect skin and the perfect hair and decide that since they’re the ones who’ve contributed to the bags under my eyes, they can represent mama publicly. 

The photos of my kids.  Well, what can I say?  I haven’t much else to take pictures of these days.  My time is divided between doing kid stuff, housework, and my job.  If we go anywhere fun, it’s the park or the aquarium and you can bet my kids are going to shimmy into those pictures.  Other than that, I’m going to be posting pictures of my dirty dishes and coworkers.  You choose.  And remember, if you choose to look at pictures of dirty dishes over my kids, we maaaay not be friends anymore.  🙂 

Status updates.  Pretty much the same thing.  These little goobers become your life!  I go to work and talk about the silly things they say while my coworkers feign interest and inch out of my office.  Not to mention that over half of my facebook friends are moms and dads as well so we all crave seeing that there are other people dealing with the same challenges day in, day out.

 So to all of my friends who are sick of my kids, I sincerely apologize.  I was once like you, I’m sure.  But if I can deal with non stop updates on the hockey strike and look longingly at your photos from you recent trip to Maui, you can pretend to think my kids are cute.  Or you can hide me.  🙂


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